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Buy gold online: GoldsupermarketThe Goldsupermarket is mainly known and appreciated by investors from all over the world for their competitive prices and their friendly support. Order and shipping runs very smoothly and you can find any precious metal product you want. Investors have a large choice between gold bars, gold coins silver bars, silver coins, platinum bars and platinum coins and palladium bars. This is all an investor needs for a perfect precious metal investment. You can either choose a certain product category (bars or coins) or look for products of a special country. The shop is very clear in order to help investors find very quickly what they need. Need a present for your partner, a child or another appreciated person? Have your gold bar engraved with his or her name and give it away as a nice present.


The Goldsupermarket deliver all their products in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republik, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

Gold bars

Gold bars are available from 1 gramm up to 1000 gramm. If you would like to give away a gold bar as a birthday present you can have it engraved with a name and sent in a special present box. The gold bars are all 24 carat (999 purity), shipment is up to 10 days.

Gold coins

The following gold coins can be acquired in the goldsupermarket:

With this large choice you have almost all major gold coins available. The gold coins are available from 1/20 ounce to 1 ounce.

Silver bars

Silver as an investment - for more and more investors silver has become more and more attractive in the past few months. In times of an economic boom a lot of silver is needed for the industry - especially for the car production. In these times the silver price rises. Silver bars are available from 100 grams to 5000 grams. The purity of silver is 999 as well and you can have your silver bar engraved as well - just if you want to give it away as a gift. A special offer: Goldsupermarket has Cook-Island-Coin-Bars on offer with a certain face value.

Silver coins

Silver coins have been used as a means of payment to date. In some countries silver coins are still used as a normal payment method. Except from the gold coins mentioned above that are available in silver as well, the goldsupermarket offers Koala and Lunar Calendar II in silver.

Platinum bars

Platinum is a very valuable precious metal. Platinum is mainly used by the industry as industrial metal, especially for the catalyzer construction of cars. As the environmental guidelines all over the world become more and more severe, the industry needs more and more platinum. And this is the reason why this metal becomes more and more rare and more and more valuable. Platinum bars are available from 5 to 1000 grams. Goldsupermarket just delivers proved platinum bars with a purity of 999,5/1000. Shipment of the platinum bars is 10 days.

Platinum coins

Even coins made from platinum are available in the Goldsupermarket. You can buy 1/2 ounce Koala as well as the Cook-Islands coin, 1 ounce, face value 100 Dollars. The coin is embellished with the sailing ship bounty as well as Queen Elisabeth II.

Palladium bars

Palladium - another metal which is mainly used and consumed by the industry. You as an investor can profit from rising palladium prices during an economic recovery. You can choose between 3 palladium bars: 100, 500 and 1000 gram.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are scaled and account for between 9,50 and 0,00 Euros. From 20.000 Euros on shipment is free of charge.


The gold supermarket accepts the following payment methods: Cash in advance, cash on delivery and PayPal.

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